If you’re reading this, you’ll already know that blogs are a perfect way to find out facts and learn about new things – such as finding the latest trends in your industry, doing some market research, or even being a great opportunity for networking. The bottom line is that blogs are an extremely useful tool for any company!  You can find the most popular ones through simple keyword searches about your niche via search engines, or other RSS platforms.

You could even use other keyword search methods such as using hashtags on Twitter. But, to save you the hassle, I’ve composed a list of 5 blogs in the printing industry that I think is worth subscribing to, or at least adding to your bookmarks.

Two Sides

The Two Sides blog promotes the sustainability of print and paper, as well as dismissing common environmental misconceptions by providing knowledge on why print and paper is practical and sustainable. They write about relevant stories from around the world, as well as other pieces which you may find interesting!

Print and Procurement

Print and Procurement is a blog run by experienced print specialist Matthew Parker. He started the blog as he didn’t think there was enough help for people who buy a print or enough help for companies who want to improve their print. They offer a consultancy service, but their blog is very interesting and covers some great topics.

Ink On Da Paper

Ink On Da Paper has a magnificent blog regarding all aspects of print. News, education, fun – they have it all! They’re an American blog, and their topics and educational content are really useful to anyone in the industry, no matter where they’re from. It’s all worth knowing.

What They Think

What They Think is a personal favorite of mine. Not so much a blog as such, however, I feel it needs more spotlight. The site offers a range of educational publications for every niche within print; Economics, Wide Format, Labels & Packaging, Production Inkjet, and Mergers & Acquisitions. They also host webinars and live events, going the extra mile for their readers and subscribers.

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